Winter Tattoos.

Winter Tattoos

Well, here we are again in the beginning of Winter. Time to draw, time to paint, and time to call up those big project clients.  Bad weather, dark nights, and lots of holidays taking people everywhere but in the tattoo studio.  January will bring everyone back like the swallows to Capistrano, and right after that will be tax season!  Winter tattoos are recommended because there is less water and sun to contend with on your new winter tattoo.  You can let it heal up in peace.

The busy season is right around the corner, so if you are wanting to beat the rush come in now and get your winter tattoos.  Come in and get your tattoo for the holidays!

winter tattoos

Skull and roses leg sleeve

New Regulations

New regulation enforcement will begin this January.  So, be on the lookout for those things you may have missed.  You want to make sure you do not get caught off guard with a fine for not being in compliance.  Stanislaus County is expecting to hand out a lot fines this next year.  Do not get lulled into thinking that you will get in compliance after they come in and write you up.  The actual AB300MA regulations went into place January 1st of last year, but all studios were given until the 1st of July.  The county has not nailed anyone on compliance issues because they were allowing studios to get acquainted with all the regulations until the 1st of January 2013.  There were also regulations that were eliminated and some that were kept.  One of those regulations was the requirement of showing six months in a professional studio.

Don’t forget about the HIPPA requirements, Material Safety Data Sheets, or the IPCP Infection Prevention Control Plan.  All of those things will be checked coming in January 2013.  And finally we will find out how much the permits, license, and fines will be.

Get your winter tattoos now in case we do not make it past December 21st 2012! Ha ha ha…



Scott "Scotchie" Chapman

Artist and owner of Dos Changos Locos Tattoo