We believe in tattoos, don’t you?! Dos Changos Locos Tattoo

We believe in tattoos, don’t you?!

Your imagination is our only limitation!

Welcome to Dos Changos Locos Tattoo, or as we all say, DCL Tattoo.  We have been a mainstay in south-side Modesto for the last 12 years! What will you find here at DCL Tattoo?  We all believe in our right to express ourselves through art.  We believe in the tattoo lifestyle.  We believe that we should have the freedom to be who we are without judgement.  That is why we believe you have the right to a fantastic tattoo!  That is why we have four artists to choose from for your art needs.  We have an artist on staff for every style of tattoosPortraits, black and gray, Cholo style, American Traditional, Japanese, New Skool, Neo-Traditional, Aztec, script (especially the west coast gansta script), and any other custom tattoo art you could want.  Tribal is becoming popular with our Hispanic clients and we do all hand drawn custom tribal.  We believe that tattoos should be a way to express who you are.

Tattoo Art at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo

What other art do we provide?  Take a look at our gallery and you will see graphic arts for T-Shirts, Logos, Corporate art, Signage, Magazine, and News print.  We provide a wide range of illustrative art. However, we are a tattoo studio before anything else.  We are a busy studio that provides high quality artwork.  We have great customer service and we stand behind our work.

Tattoo Experience

Are we experienced?  Yes!  We are a National Tattoo Association studio.  The owner Scotchie has been in the industry since the 80’s, and all of our artists have been in the industry six plus years or more in a professional setting.  In other words all of our artists have been tattooing in a professional studio for the last seven years.  Most have been tattooing for much longer than that.  We have a depth of knowledge and respect for our industry because we believe in this lifestyle that we have chosen to live.

Do you share those beliefs with us?  If you do then come in to see us and share those beliefs with us.  We will help you create a tattoo that represents who you are.  We believe you have the right to a fantastic tattoo.  Let us create that for you.  Come by and see us today.

We are Dos Changos Locos Tattoo.  We are located in Modesto, California.  Many of us have been together for several years off and on.  We are here for all your art needs.  Again, I guarantee we have the style of tattooing that you are looking for.  From traditional, Japanese traditional, new skool, bio-mechanical, neo-traditional, color bomb, black and gray, portraits, etc.  We can do any kind of art you need.  Come in and meet our staff.  You will be glad you did.  We are the central valleys best source for tattoo art.  We have even had one of our own on inked masters. #inkedmasters


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scotchie chapman

Owner and artist dcl tattoo scotchie chapman