Taino Half Sleeve Tattoo

Eric came in to get a session on his Taino Half Sleeve Tattoo  We ended up putting some color into it.  He really likes it and it brightened up the sleeve.  We are going to add some Aztec related work on the underside of his arm.  This was an idea that Eric came to me with since he is part Taino and part Aztec.  Since most of the art is rock sculptures I thought it would be nice to include an Indian face with it to add something interesting.

Here are some pictures of his sleeve up to this point.

Taino Half Sleeve Tattoo

Taino Tattoo


If you are looking for Taino work hit us up.  We can make work for you.  Tribal does not always meet pointy curvy stuff.  We get a lot of native designs that come to us for ink work.  Many times we draw up original material that is inspired by traditional tribal art work.  The Taino Hald Sleeve Tattoo is just one of many that we have tattooed.