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Modesto. Tattoos. Piercings. We have that.

Modesto. Tattoos. Piercings. We have that at DCL Tattoo.

Do you want a body piercing? Afraid of getting it done?

Piercings are part of Troy “Bone’s” daily routine.  Troy is quick and gives you lots of information to help you relax.  Your piercing becomes something that is fun instead of scary.  Troy is very patient and will help you relax and enjoy your experience of being pierced.  We think all piercings should be this easy.

Are you looking for a tattoo?  Need a custom tattoo design?  We are tattoos!

We believe in the tattoo lifestyle!  We make our living from our passion of tattoo art.  We take great pride in our work and our work practices.  You will find lots of informational material on our website.  We try to make sure that the community is educated on the tattoo lifestyle and what they can expect out of the tattoo industry.

We offer a variety of tattoo styles at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo.

Pictures are from left to right.

gibson girl pinup tattoo

cobra snake tattoo color American Traditional tattoo

Tibetan Skull back piece

Tibetan Skull back piece tattoo by scotchie chapman

color portrait

koi tattoo

black and gray portrait

We can help you with all of your tattoo needs.  All of our artists are experienced tattoo artists that excel at what they do.  Please check our tattoo portfolios.  You should check the portfolios of every artist that you consider getting tattoo from.   There is a reason that you found us online.  We are highly recommended by our clients.  We get lots of traffic because we provide high quality art in Modesto.  We design custom tattoo designs daily.  We do have tattoo flash designs available in the tattoo studio if you prefer that type of design.  Tattoos that come from tattoo flash designs can usually be applied that day if we have an opening.  You can usually get tattooed quicker if it is from a tattoo flash design because the design is ready to be made into a stencil and be applied.

Custom tattoo designs generally take time to draw.  Depending on the design and how complex the design is will depend on how long it will take to draw up the design.  You must remember that we still have to tattoo during the day so we will be drawing on your tattoo design in the evening, or if we have down time, so please be patient.  It will be well worth your wait for the finished design because it will be a one of a kind design.


Modesto is located in the central valley of California.  We are hour away from Sacramento, and one hour forty-five minutes from San Francisco. We are five hours from Los Angeles.  We have a small airport that has flights that connect to Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angles to name a few places.

We are a clean, and knowledgeable tattoo studio.  There is a reason that other studios come to us for advice and training.  We are an ASHI Training Center and provide training in CPR/AED, FIrst Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens.  We take pride in knowing that our staff members are highly competent tattoo professionals that can provide the highest in tattoo quality.


Come by or call us today.


Scotchie Chapman

Winter tattoos. Great time and great price for tattoos!

So you have thought about getting that tattoo, but you put it off during summer because you were always at the lake, or you were on vacation with no time to get tattooed or heal up before the pool or lake. Summer is the time when we are very busy and many times it is hard for us to get someone in the chair at the last-minute. Well winter is here!  We are taking walk-ins and will still be happy to make an appointment for you to make sure you get in when you want.

So if you were waiting to get that tattoo, then now is the time to get it.  We have some of the best talent in the whole central valley right here in Modesto at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo.  Come in today!

Come on in today.

Tribal tattoos. Is their time past?

We get asked to do a tribal piece once a month.  It used to be every week sometimes every day.  The tribal trend has cooled off.  We have tattooed pieces that were drawn by tribal elders in the Samoan states and islands, and we have designed our own as well.  We have tattooed the pieces that are on the flash sheets and all I can say is that it is not as popular as it once was a few years back.

It seems to me that my Hispanic clients have been starting their turn at the tribal trend.  My Hispanic clients have been 98% of the clients that get tribal as of late.  When they go for the tribal they are getting the whole shoulder and chest piece of tribal, and not the armband pieces. It is funny how these things tend to trend back and forth.

For the rest of my clients the trend seems to be going back towards traditional tattoos.  Some people are doing what they call neo-traditional tattooing, but it is still traditional tattoo designs.  As I sit here writing this, waiting for my client that I am doing  a large tribal piece on, I look at the walls and think to myself how lucky I am that I have covered the walls in traditional tattoo flash designs.

So to answer the question of is the time for tribal tattoos past?  My answer is… No.  It seems to be starting back up.

Black and Gray portrait tattoos. Mr. Droopy does portraits. Come get one!

 Black and Gray portrait tattoos

Mr. Droopy does back and gray portraits here at DCL Tattoo.  Award winning black and gray that will knock your socks off.  Come in and get yours today! Just take a look at his work and you will see why he has won awards for his portraits. If you are looking for black and gray then Mr. Droopy is your man. Come in and see him.