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Pin up Girl Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up Girl. Jen Culotta. Modesto, California.

Pin up Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up. Jen Culotta. Modesto California.

Jen Culotta tattooed a new pin up girl tattoo today!  This is a drawing that she did for a client.  I think the pin up girl tattoo turned out very nice.  If you are looking for a pin up tattoo then contact Jen Culotta at the Modesto Tattoo Studio Dos Changos Locos Tattoo today. Come in today and find high quality work in Modesto, CaliforniaTattoo Modesto is a treasure of Central CaliforniaDos Changos Locos Tattoo pin up girlbelieves that you deserve a professional tattoo, so DCL Tattoo provides solid artists at competitive prices.  Crisp clean tattoos that you can afford and will be proud to wear.

Pin up Tattoo

Pin up tattoo of American Hot Rod Girl.. By Jen Culotta.

Come in and make an appointment today.  Jen Culotta is a local Modesto artist that is sought after by clients of top notch tattoos.

Tattoo Pin Up Designs

Pin up girl tattoos have been popular for years.  Since the tattoo show Ink Masters, we have been busy doing Pin Up Girl Tattoos.  If you are looking to get a Pin up girl tattoo then come by and see us.  We can draw up anything you would like.  If you would like the Pin up tattoo to look like a girl friend, wife, or whatever, come in and we can make that work for you. All it takes is some patience and some money.  We guarantee that you will be very happy with the results.


by Scott “ScotchieChapman


Owner and Artist at DCL Tattoo


Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen. Get Some…

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

What do people want from Jen? Half Sleeves and Portraits by JenHalf sleeve of a whale and planets that Jen tattooed on Krystal. Jen had a lot of fun tattooing this on Krystal.  The original drawing is by Jen, but was based on a painting.  This half sleeve tattoo was done at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo in Modesto, California.

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

Tattoo drawn by Jen Culotta inspired by Christian Lassen

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

Portrait tattooed by Jen Culotta.


Oh My Allah!  I really love this portrait my friend.  Great golly gosh.  It looks like it is coming off the skin.  Jen did this black and gray portrait on a fore arm.  It is so smooth and looks just like the photo.  She really enjoyed doing this tattoo.

She draws and paints as well.  Here is a watercolor that she did recently:

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

Watercolor by Jen Culotta.

Remember it is Jen Culotta at Dos Changos Locos Tattoos that is waiting for you to come in and get your tattoo.  Hurry and come in and see her today!



Pin up Tattoos

Pin up Tattoos

I love clean beautiful pin up tattoos and Jen has some of the best looking female characters that I have seen in the valley.  She draws her characters from start to finish and they have that “Jen” look to them.  All of her female characters are highly sexual looking women that many artists try to get, but most never quite succeed.  Jen gets it on point.  I do not know how she does it, but she does.  She gives us drawing classes on how to draw a seductive female tattoos, but we just cannot seem to get that look that she does.  This is why Jen is one of the best female artists in the Central Valley.  Come and get a pin up tattoo by her and you will be hooked for life.

Pin up TattoosPin up TattoosPin up TattoosPin up TattoosPin up Tattoos


So if you are looking for sexy looking pin up tattoos… You better talk to Jen for an original piece before you go anywhere else.  I really love her work and you will too.  Come in and ask for Jen!

Jen Culotta is waiting to tattoo you! Check her out.

Jen Culotta is waiting to tattoo you!  Check her out.

Jen Culotta is ready and waiting to tattoo you today! Check out her work and you will want to come in and get your next piece from her. She is our secret weapon. Jen Culotta is from the Merced, and Atwater area and produces some beautiful art. I have had the honor of working with her on several occasions and we are lucky enough to have her here with us. We really love her and having her here is fantastic. Once you get a tattoo from her you will see why we love her so much. She has tattooed Scotchie, Thomas Troll Taylor from Sacramento XSV, and many other tattoo artists in the Modesto, and California area.  Jen is also a tattooer for tattoo artists.  Tattoo artists in the area like to get tattooed by Jen.  Tattoo artists know what they like and they like Jen’s work.

jen culotta
jen culotta
jen culottaJen Culotta’s Gallery

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Come in and get your tattoo from Jen today! You will not regret it. She has a light hand and is a fantastic artist.  Tell her that Scotchie sent you.



Owner and Artist at DCL Tattoo

It is tattoo time in Modesto!

Tattoo Time

So the New Year is upon us and we are gearing up for tax time, spring, and summer.  Lots of big pieces going out at the moment.  Big chest pieces, back pieces, arm sleeves, and leg sleeves are being tattooed almost daily.  Remember when you come in that it will take some time to draw up those big pieces.  Custom work takes time to draw up for you.  It is custom for a reason, but if you want something from the flash design sheets then we can do that work that day.  We have six artists to choose from and we can usually get you in for small tattoos the day you come in, bigger pieces usually require an appointment.  We try to get you tattooed the day you come in.  You have to remember that here in Modesto we get very busy. With six artists we can usually get to you right away.

Watch our documentary! If you like the tattoo industry you will love this.

Armpit tattoo sound not so good, but awesome footage!

The first thing that we need for a custom tattoo is to have a consultation with you.  It does not cost you anything for this meeting.  We take a tracing of the body area that is going to be tattooed, and we write down the ideas that we discussed at the meeting and the placement of the piece.

The next thing that we will do is take a deposit for the drawing of the tattoo.  The deposit will go towards your tattoo. You will come back and look at the art work for your tattoo and approve the art or make some changes to the art.

Next you will make your appointment for your tattoo.  The deposit will be applied to your appointment.  If you miss your appointment and did not notify the artist you will lose the deposit.  Again, please remember we are busy and missed appointments could have been used for others, so please call three hours ahead of time if you are not going to make it.  Thank you.

Day of your tattoo appointment is here!  Now you need to make sure you eat before you come in for your appointment.  Wear comfortable clothes, and please show up on time.  You need to bring the full payment for your tattoo and you should bring a tip for the artist.  It is customary to tip your artist in the same manner that you would tip your waitress at a restaurant, and it should be anywhere from 10-15% of the price of the tattoo.  If during the tattoo you suddenly feel hot, chilly, or nauseous make sure to tell your artist right away.

Thanks for reading, and thank you coming to Dos Changos Locos Tattoo in Modesto, California for your tattoo.


Scotchie Chapman