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Tattoos! Dos Changos Locos Tattoo. Write for us!

Tattoos! Dos Changos Locos Tattoo. Write for us!

Tattoos are what we do, and it is the lifestyle we live. Dos Changos Locos Tattoo is not full of rock-stars, prima donnas, or snotty rude artists.  We are artists that love the tattoo art and love creating art.  We create solid tattoo art that our clients love, and here as of late our website has been getting more and more attention.  A big thank you goes out to our 3,000 plus subscribers (growing daily), and to all of our friends and clients. We endeavor to produce a useful website devoted to the tattoo lifestyle and tattoo art.  So we invite you to write for us.

American Traditional Ship

Ship Tattoo
















Our clients range from the everyday hard-working blue-collar client all the way to the professional white-collar worker.  We work on mechanics, law enforcement, fire department, teachers, doctors, CEOs and attorneys. Not everyone wants people to know their business or job, so we always keep your interests private for obvious reasons.  This is a wonderful time for the tattoo art scene.  It is much more accepted.  Whether or not that is good is up for debate and I am sure everyone has their opinion.

pinup tattoo

Jen culotta pinup

It is because of this acceptance that we produce this website.  We strive to inform the tattoo community and the community at large that the tattoo scene is out of the dark recesses of the backroom.  We are not the bastard child of fine art, in fact, tattooing has become a fine art all on its own.  There are artists in the industry that are producing jaw-dropping tattoo work that would rival those master pieces hanging in galleries world-wide.  We must be doing a fair job of informing as our articles are showing up in many different media outlets.

California Surf Bear

A Surfing Bear inside the California outline.

So here is my invitation. Would you like to suggest a topic or even write an article for us?  The work remains yours and all rights remain yours.  We do not pay, but we will be happy to give you a platform to express yourself.  We will also be happy to write about topics that are important to you the tattoo enthusiast.


by Scotchie Chapman

Scott "Scotchie" Chapman

Artist and owner of Dos Changos Locos Tattoo


Pin Up Paintings you want…

Pin Up Paintings

Sabor and Jen painted these two beautiful paintings that now adorn the walls of Dos Changos Locos Tattoo. Sabor and Jen both have many more for sale.  If you are interested you can email us at and we will send you a list of available paintings.  Jen and Sabor both have a very distinct style of Pin UP girl and once you see them you will always know who painted them.

Pin Up Samples

Here are two samples one from Sabor and one from Jen.

pin upSmoking girl pin upPlease excuse the quality of the pictures as they were taken with my iphone.  These are contemporary Pin Up paintings you want to own.  Contact us if you would like an original or a print.  We have others as well if you are interested. Jen does commission paintings on a regular basis.  Her female characters are very feminine and have a coy lustful quality.  Her Pin Up tattoos and paintings are sought after by her clients.  Become one of her clients today!  You will not be disappointed.

Jen Culotta loves to do Pin Up tattoos and her clients love her Pin Up work.  Jen has worked in the central valley tattooing for the last eleven years.  She calls Dos Changos Locos Tattoo her home.  She is a full spectrum artist that can draw or paint anything you need.  She has a very light hand and her tattoos heal up very quickly.  She is a master at fine line tattoos and her single needle or tight three line work is extremely clean.  Like Asian style tattoos?  Jen is your girl!


Scott "Scotchie" Chapman

Artist and owner of Dos Changos Locos Tattoo

Modesto. Tattoos. Piercings. We have that.

Modesto. Tattoos. Piercings. We have that at DCL Tattoo.

Do you want a body piercing? Afraid of getting it done?

Piercings are part of Troy “Bone’s” daily routine.  Troy is quick and gives you lots of information to help you relax.  Your piercing becomes something that is fun instead of scary.  Troy is very patient and will help you relax and enjoy your experience of being pierced.  We think all piercings should be this easy.

Are you looking for a tattoo?  Need a custom tattoo design?  We are tattoos!

We believe in the tattoo lifestyle!  We make our living from our passion of tattoo art.  We take great pride in our work and our work practices.  You will find lots of informational material on our website.  We try to make sure that the community is educated on the tattoo lifestyle and what they can expect out of the tattoo industry.

We offer a variety of tattoo styles at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo.

Pictures are from left to right.

gibson girl pinup tattoo

cobra snake tattoo color American Traditional tattoo

Tibetan Skull back piece

Tibetan Skull back piece tattoo by scotchie chapman

color portrait

koi tattoo

black and gray portrait

We can help you with all of your tattoo needs.  All of our artists are experienced tattoo artists that excel at what they do.  Please check our tattoo portfolios.  You should check the portfolios of every artist that you consider getting tattoo from.   There is a reason that you found us online.  We are highly recommended by our clients.  We get lots of traffic because we provide high quality art in Modesto.  We design custom tattoo designs daily.  We do have tattoo flash designs available in the tattoo studio if you prefer that type of design.  Tattoos that come from tattoo flash designs can usually be applied that day if we have an opening.  You can usually get tattooed quicker if it is from a tattoo flash design because the design is ready to be made into a stencil and be applied.

Custom tattoo designs generally take time to draw.  Depending on the design and how complex the design is will depend on how long it will take to draw up the design.  You must remember that we still have to tattoo during the day so we will be drawing on your tattoo design in the evening, or if we have down time, so please be patient.  It will be well worth your wait for the finished design because it will be a one of a kind design.


Modesto is located in the central valley of California.  We are hour away from Sacramento, and one hour forty-five minutes from San Francisco. We are five hours from Los Angeles.  We have a small airport that has flights that connect to Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angles to name a few places.

We are a clean, and knowledgeable tattoo studio.  There is a reason that other studios come to us for advice and training.  We are an ASHI Training Center and provide training in CPR/AED, FIrst Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens.  We take pride in knowing that our staff members are highly competent tattoo professionals that can provide the highest in tattoo quality.


Come by or call us today.


Scotchie Chapman

Pin up Girl Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up Girl. Jen Culotta. Modesto, California.

Pin up Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up. Jen Culotta. Modesto California.

Jen Culotta tattooed a new pin up girl tattoo today!  This is a drawing that she did for a client.  I think the pin up girl tattoo turned out very nice.  If you are looking for a pin up tattoo then contact Jen Culotta at the Modesto Tattoo Studio Dos Changos Locos Tattoo today. Come in today and find high quality work in Modesto, CaliforniaTattoo Modesto is a treasure of Central CaliforniaDos Changos Locos Tattoo pin up girlbelieves that you deserve a professional tattoo, so DCL Tattoo provides solid artists at competitive prices.  Crisp clean tattoos that you can afford and will be proud to wear.

Pin up Tattoo

Pin up tattoo of American Hot Rod Girl.. By Jen Culotta.

Come in and make an appointment today.  Jen Culotta is a local Modesto artist that is sought after by clients of top notch tattoos.

Tattoo Pin Up Designs

Pin up girl tattoos have been popular for years.  Since the tattoo show Ink Masters, we have been busy doing Pin Up Girl Tattoos.  If you are looking to get a Pin up girl tattoo then come by and see us.  We can draw up anything you would like.  If you would like the Pin up tattoo to look like a girl friend, wife, or whatever, come in and we can make that work for you. All it takes is some patience and some money.  We guarantee that you will be very happy with the results.


by Scott “ScotchieChapman


Owner and Artist at DCL Tattoo


Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen. Get Some…

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

What do people want from Jen? Half Sleeves and Portraits by JenHalf sleeve of a whale and planets that Jen tattooed on Krystal. Jen had a lot of fun tattooing this on Krystal.  The original drawing is by Jen, but was based on a painting.  This half sleeve tattoo was done at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo in Modesto, California.

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

Tattoo drawn by Jen Culotta inspired by Christian Lassen

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

Portrait tattooed by Jen Culotta.


Oh My Allah!  I really love this portrait my friend.  Great golly gosh.  It looks like it is coming off the skin.  Jen did this black and gray portrait on a fore arm.  It is so smooth and looks just like the photo.  She really enjoyed doing this tattoo.

She draws and paints as well.  Here is a watercolor that she did recently:

Half Sleeves and Portraits by Jen

Watercolor by Jen Culotta.

Remember it is Jen Culotta at Dos Changos Locos Tattoos that is waiting for you to come in and get your tattoo.  Hurry and come in and see her today!