Jennifer Culotta’s Tattoo Page

Jennifer Culotta’s Tattoo Page

Someone once told me that as artists, we are translators for our clients’ hopes, fears, and dreams. I believe that the tattoo is one of the strongest forms of self-expression. It is an ancient tradition signifying change and rebirth for many cultures and I believe it may even hold the same meaning for today’s society.

I have been tattooing in California’s San Joaquin Valley for eleven years. I have seven years studio experience and four years of street shop experience. My core talents lie in pin-ups and girls. I have strong capabilities with color and prefer to push my boundaries as an artist.

Tattoo Influences

My influences and heroes are Lois van Baarle, Kore Flatmo, Joshua Carlton, J.W. Waterhouse, Robert Hernandez, Leonardo da Vinci, Disney, the Victorian Era, Michael Hussar, Milk, Annie Frenzel, Claire Reid, Gunnar and Trevor Brown.

I am interested in unique tattoo work. Bring me your ideas, your dreams, your hopes, and fears and let me bring them to life for you in a piece of artwork that will last your lifetime and bring you satisfaction for just as long.

 -Jen <3


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Jennifer Culotta is a Modesto tattoo artist at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo in Modesto, California.  She is a pin-up artist that has a soft hand and produces very feminine pin-upsJen is very good at Japanese art as well.  I would say that she is a treasure that people have not discovered yet.  Once they do they will be beating a path to her door.  All of her clients praise her work and her art because she paints and draws as well as tattoos. If you get a chance to come in and get a tattoo from her you will be very happy and blessed that you did.

Jen has been tattooing since 2000 and has worked a several tattoo studios in Central California.  She sells her paintings and drawings.  If you interested in some of her art please check our art sales page or contact us.

 Tattoo Gallery


This is the portfolio of Jen Culotta.