Pin up Girl Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up Girl. Jen Culotta. Modesto, California.


Pin up Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up. Jen Culotta. Modesto California.

Jen Culotta tattooed a new pin up girl tattoo today!  This is a drawing that she did for a client.  I think the pin up girl tattoo turned out very nice.  If you are looking for a pin up tattoo then contact Jen Culotta at the Modesto Tattoo Studio Dos Changos Locos Tattoo today. Come in today and find high quality work in Modesto, CaliforniaTattoo Modesto is a treasure of Central CaliforniaDos Changos Locos Tattoo pin up girlbelieves that you deserve a professional tattoo, so DCL Tattoo provides solid artists at competitive prices.  Crisp clean tattoos that you can afford and will be proud to wear.

Pin up Tattoo

Pin up tattoo of American Hot Rod Girl.. By Jen Culotta.

Come in and make an appointment today.  Jen Culotta is a local Modesto artist that is sought after by clients of top notch tattoos.

Tattoo Pin Up Designs

Pin up girl tattoos have been popular for years.  Since the tattoo show Ink Masters, we have been busy doing Pin Up Girl Tattoos.  If you are looking to get a Pin up girl tattoo then come by and see us.  We can draw up anything you would like.  If you would like the Pin up tattoo to look like a girl friend, wife, or whatever, come in and we can make that work for you. All it takes is some patience and some money.  We guarantee that you will be very happy with the results.


by Scott “ScotchieChapman


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