Join the Tattoo Collective.

So a question to those professional tattoo studios and professional tattooers that work at a professional studio: I have brought this topic up before and so I am asking again.

Would you be interested in getting together as a group and forming an association of tattooers in the Valley. San Joaquin, Merced, Stanislaus counties, an form an association. I had started a website called BAAM Body Art Association of Modesto. There would be no dues to join. It would be for Professional tattooers and would serve several purposes:

1) It would act as a reference to establish time in the industry.
2) It would provide a collective voice to help guide the industry in this area. For example the County Regulatatory committee.
3) It would help us establish a minimum charge that all members would follow.
4) We could set a standard for apprenticeships.
5) It would act as a repository of knowledge for the industry in this area. This would allow us as a collective to learn from one another in regards to industry knowledge. Needle making, Color Mixing, Techniques, etc.
6) We could provide trainers for B.B.P., first aid, CPR, etc. at a discounted cost.
7) We could help with AB 300 knowledge and advice, and help with Infection Prevention Control Plans.

Last but not least it would give us a way to come together to provide a strong tattoo collective in this area. This collective could benefit us all by keeping our industry alive and well in this area. It would provide a strong force that could stand up to the county as a group that could force healthy regulation in our industry. We do not have healthy regulation at the moment and when we are isolated from one another it gives the county the advantage. For example: Some of us had different experiences with the county in regards to regulations, and none of the home tattooers have had to comply with any regulations.

I have brought this up in the past and I feel that it is time for us to revisit this idea. I know we are ready to do this. The only people that would be allowed into the collection would be tattooers, and body piercers. We need to stop arguing with one another and come together and stand as one and make our industry what we want it to be as a group. Standing alone is accomplishing nothing.

Vote for Scotchie Chapman

Vote for Scotchie Chapman

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Javier's chest piece of Aztec pyramid.

Javier’s chest piece of Aztec pyramid.

This piece was tattooed on Javier Lopez’s chest.  It was done in black and graywash.  This took around 2 hours to complete.  I used a tight 5 round with a disposable tube for the lining and stippling.  I used my 2005 Todd Hlavaty custom built liner. I used a rounded 15 magnum with disposable tube in my Neuma Gen 2.  Healing took around 3-4 days.

I really like the Neuma’s with a disposable tube because it is like using a felt pen.  The Todd Hlavaty machine is a Coleman Waters frame that Todd engraved for me back in 2005.  The machine is a reliable runner.  The only thing that has been changed over the years is the springs.  I really love the look and the performance of the machine.  besides it looks great!

Come on in and see us for your next tattoo. Dos Changos Locos can meet all your tattoo needs.  We are a National Tattoo Association studio that belongs to the local Modesto Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.  We are an established tattoo studio with a solid reputation.  You can be sure that we are clean, reliable, and safe tattoo studio that is customer driven.  Come see us today.

DCL Tattoo DCL Tattoo DCL Tattoo



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Troy Martin: Custom Vinyl Toys

Troy Martin: Custom Vinyl Toys

Troy Martin makes his home base here at Dos Changos Locos Tattoos.  On any given day that Troy is here at the studio, you will find Troy creating some kind of art.  He will be tattooing, drawing, painting, or building one of his vinyl toys that have become so popular.  How popular?  Take a look at some of the custom vinyl toy sites or blogs and you will come across Troy’s work.  Are you going to WonderCon or ComicCon?  You will find Troy’s work at many of the popular Conventions.  His toys are really hot at the moment and Troy shows no sign of slowing down.  He is in the creative groove.

So, you are not into toys. That is a-okay.  Troy draw up your custom tattoo for you and tattoo it.  Did I mention Troy does body piercing as well?  Yeah, he does that too.  You need a custom piece of artwork?  Troy does that too.  He is a very busy young man.  It is exhausting watching him work.  He cannot sit still to save his life.  He is in constant motion.  Always creating and thinking, and dancing and laughing and creating.  Did I mention that he likes to create stuff?

Troy Martin Art: Munnys

Check out some of Troy’s creations.  Make sure to follow the links so you can buy some of his toys before they are all sold out.  Troy’s Toys  has all your vinyl toy wishes waiting to be fulfilled.  Here some examples of his work.

DSC_0051 android1 grover luckycat1 ZOMBIEHULK2 Untitled-2 realboyfront panda1 minion


Troy Martin Tattoos

In case you didn’t know Troy is a tattoo artist.  So let me get to his tattoo work.  Troy has been with us for around a year and a half at this point.  He is very driven and loves to create art.  Take a look at some of Troy’s tattoos.

270706_1921889888082_1267118487_31899470_4401751_a 320121_2221283572737_1267118487_32206019_366980912_n 402444_2753802925388_1267118487_32424937_1240028721_n 404419_2601818445871_1267118487_32377529_983275904_n

421776_2671965479503_1267118487_32401832_1772239852_n 547618_3311358103919_1267118487_50908577_572125380_n car dbz rosss


Thanks for looking!

By Scotchie Chapman



California Surfing Bear. California Bear Tattoo.

California Surfing Bear. California Bear Tattoo.

We do so many California bear tattoos that this one was worth posting because it was so different.  Anthony came in and wanted a California bear tattoo.  He wanted a California surfing bear so this is what we drew.  California bear tattoos are really popular at the moment. I came out pretty cool.  We are thinking of putting a red bar across the bottom of the state outline so it would look more like the flag, but we are going to wait for it to heal up.  I did not want to cram to much stuff in the tattoo and make it look crowded.  It was a fun piece that he sat pretty still, there were a couple of twitches, but for the most part he sat pretty still.

California Bear Tattoo.

If you are looking for a California Surfing Bear, Nor Cal Bear, California bear tattoo or a Cali tattoo hit us up.  We have done thousands of these and we really like to change it up, which is pretty hard to do since there are so many tattoos.  We can custom design one for you.  So come on in and get California Bear Tattoo today.  It does not take long for us to draw up a custom design for you.  All we ask is little patience so we can spend some time drawing it up.  Please remember we have other clients that we are tattooing so it may take some time to get your tattoo design finished since there are 24 hours in a day.  We will get your tattoo design finished a.s.a.p. So without further ado….Here is the picture (taken with the iphone, sorry).

California Surfing Bear

A Surfing Bear inside the California outline.

Hope you enjoyed the crappy picture of the California surfing bear.



Scott "Scotchie" Chapman

Artist and owner of Dos Changos Locos Tattoo

American Traditional Tattoos. California Corey Young

Cobra Tattoo

American Traditional Tattoo Cobra Back Piece

American Traditional Tattoos.

California Corey Young does American Traditional Tattoos.  He is in the car club Road Lords and drives a bad-ass 1950 Ford Custom. If you are wanting an American Traditional tattoo then you need to come in and get one from California Corey Young today.

California Corey Young works here at Dos Changos Locos Tattoo aka DCL Tattoo in Modesto California.  I have included some samples of his work here for you to drool over.  Take a look and then when you are finished looking at them come in and get an American Traditional Tattoo from him.

Custom Tattoo Work.

While there are many American Traditional Tattoo designs out there it does not mean that California Corey Young has to use them.  He can custom design a tattoo for you.  DCL Tattoo also has tens of thousands of designs as well, so between all of that material California Corey Young can definitely fit you with a piece that you will love.  You will find some of his work in some of the tattoo magazines like Tattoo Life. Like going to the car shows?  More than likely you will see his work on many of the tattoo models that are at the car show.  Chances are you have seen his work and did not even know that he did the work.


Pin Up Girl Tattoo

This tattoo is in Tattoo Life Magazine.

American Traditional Ship

Ship Tattoo


Anchor Tattoo

American Traditional Tattoo Anchor Hand piece

Dagger Tattoo

Great arm piece of a traditional dagger.

We hope that you enjoyed taking a look at these great American Traditional Tattoos from California Corey Young.  Call or stop by Dos Changos Locos Tattoo in Modesto California at 1404 Crows Landing Road, or call 209-571-8282 today.

Thanks for looking.  See you soon!


by Scott “Scotchie” Chapman


Owner and Artist at DCL Tattoo

Pin up Girl Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up Girl. Jen Culotta. Modesto, California.

Pin up Tattoo, American Hot Rod Pin up. Jen Culotta. Modesto California.

Jen Culotta tattooed a new pin up girl tattoo today!  This is a drawing that she did for a client.  I think the pin up girl tattoo turned out very nice.  If you are looking for a pin up tattoo then contact Jen Culotta at the Modesto Tattoo Studio Dos Changos Locos Tattoo today. Come in today and find high quality work in Modesto, CaliforniaTattoo Modesto is a treasure of Central CaliforniaDos Changos Locos Tattoo pin up girlbelieves that you deserve a professional tattoo, so DCL Tattoo provides solid artists at competitive prices.  Crisp clean tattoos that you can afford and will be proud to wear.

Pin up Tattoo

Pin up tattoo of American Hot Rod Girl.. By Jen Culotta.

Come in and make an appointment today.  Jen Culotta is a local Modesto artist that is sought after by clients of top notch tattoos.

Tattoo Pin Up Designs

Pin up girl tattoos have been popular for years.  Since the tattoo show Ink Masters, we have been busy doing Pin Up Girl Tattoos.  If you are looking to get a Pin up girl tattoo then come by and see us.  We can draw up anything you would like.  If you would like the Pin up tattoo to look like a girl friend, wife, or whatever, come in and we can make that work for you. All it takes is some patience and some money.  We guarantee that you will be very happy with the results.


by Scott “ScotchieChapman


Owner and Artist at DCL Tattoo


Minors and Tattoos. Can a person under 18 get a tattoo legally in California?

Minors and tattoos.  Can a person under 18 get a tattoo legally in California?

We get this question daily–Can I give consent for my under age child to get a tattoo?  Answer–NO!

It is a large fine for the studio and the artist.  It is a misdemeanor in the state of California and can be bumped up to a felony depending upon the circumstances.  If a studio is willing to take a risk of catching a felony case and fine for tattooing a minor, then you need to ask yourself if that is where you really want to go.  Anyone under 18 is a minor, and minors may not get tattooed no matter what.  Here is what most parents say when we explain that while we might catch a case the parent will most definitely catch a felony case even if the artist ends up with a misdemeanor.  Why?  It becomes a CPS issue and the charges filed end up being: felony child neglect, inhumane torture of a child, felony maiming of a child, etc.  There are cases where the parent and artist were given 3-5 year prison sentence!  Most of the time the artist ends up with a fine up to $5,000 and can be held liable for laser therapy to have it removed. Minors and tattoos do not mix for a legitimate artist and studio.

So, again, can a person under the age of 18 get a tattoo legally in the state of California?  No, they cannot get a tattoo, legally. Every tattoo studio should know this information, and if they do not know this basic piece of information then I would think that they do not know any of the other more important things that go with operating a tattoo studio.

We believe in our industry and we have respect for the industry that feeds our family’s with our artwork.  We believe you have a right to express yourself with artwork and you have the right to wear that artwork.  We do not believe that a minor should be getting a tattoo.  We have too much respect for ourselves and the tattoo industry to breach that trust and respect.  We will happily tattoo anyone once they turn 18.  Please read some of our other articles on what you will find at tattoo studios and what you should look for when you enter a tattoo studio.

Here are some photos of the interior of our studio.

DCL Tattoo interiorDCL TattooDCL TattooDCL TattooDCL TattooDCL Tattoo

If you are wondering where our clean room is relax it is behind the wall where the name is written.  I chose not to show that because I do not want to give “scratchers” a leg up.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of the studio.  The art on the walls change from time to time because after all we are artists and we can draw or paint what we want whenever we want.

If you want to find an artist that loves tattoos and believes in what they do as a life-style, then come in and see us.



Scotchie Chapman


Owner and Artist at DCL Tattoo

Respect in the tattoo community. How to get it and how to give it.

Tattoo Respect

One might ask if there is any respect in this world of ours at all, and my answer to that would be, “Yes.  Respect for what?”  Most tattoo artists respect fellow artists work and do not copy it or steal it.  Some people though do not know how to respect anything because they do not respect themselves.  The concept of respect is very skewed today.  Some feel that they should be able to do anything, say anything, tattoo anything they can get away with.

Posting on social pages, or websites of other artists is something that should be clear-cut.  Are you giving a complement?  Are you visiting and dropping by to say hello? Remember grandma always said, “If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.”  These forms of posting should be considered to be acceptable.  Unacceptable forms would be: Undercutting someone’s prices on their page. Criticizing their work without invitation. Talking shit about the artist.  Copying (stealing) their work. Posting quotes or referring people to another artists page.  It is common manners, however, there are so many immature people today.  There are so many people who want to be a tattoo artist, yet they do not want to put in the time, respect, and effort to be an artist.  And some artists are very unprofessional.  Respect is something earned by showing respect for others and yourself.  The level of respect you receive will rise with the level of respect you show others.  I still think that most people that had a good quality apprenticeship learned these things from their master artist.  However, many people continue to avoid getting that very valuable apprenticeship.

If you post something negative on someone’s page, then you must expect that you will not be treated well.  And you really deserve whatever is handed out to you.  The tattoo community generally stands behind each other, even if they are competitors.  And the fans and clients of the people you offend may just be a bigger consequence then you ever imagined.  So, tread lightly and be respectful of others.

The next issue about respect is the copying of someone’s tattoo. In a street shop or flash shop you pick tattoo designs from the walls or flash racks.  This would be an acceptable form of copying.  These tattoos are meant to be replicated over and over.  These are not custom designs!  Custom tattoo designs are just that… Custom.  And the custom tattoo design should not be copied!  We are seeing it more often because it is harder and harder to do a tattoo design that has never been done.  Most custom artists give the design to the client after the tattoo, or they destroy it because the client now owns and wears the tattoo.  Many of us do not keep the drawings or anything else associated with the tattoo except the pictures of the finished tattoo.  The reason is because so many people will steal your design.  Many people do not even post the pictures of the custom designs they have tattooed because they do not want it copied.  Many of you will not agree with anything I just said because it is “tattooing” and it is part of the culture of tattooing.  Hey, even on the TV show Ink Master’s there has been issues of possible tattoo copies.  The thing to remember here is that there are only so many ways to illustrate a “heart”, a “Piston”, a “Skull” etc.

I guess my point is that if you do not have anything good to say don’t post on the person’s page.  Don’t try to steal clients from other artists and maybe people will begin to respect you, or maybe you will get your hands broken…  The industry has changed a lot over the years.  Artist rarely go hunt down another artist to kick their ass, but I am not saying that it never happens, it is just pretty rare now.  Although tattooers are a bit independent and most old school artists still believe in a good old fashioned ass-beating.  If you want respect from this bunch then you better not shit where you sleep.  I am not saying that you need to be a spineless human being, but you do not want to be an inconsiderate piece of shit either.

Winter Tattoos.

Winter Tattoos

Well, here we are again in the beginning of Winter. Time to draw, time to paint, and time to call up those big project clients.  Bad weather, dark nights, and lots of holidays taking people everywhere but in the tattoo studio.  January will bring everyone back like the swallows to Capistrano, and right after that will be tax season!  Winter tattoos are recommended because there is less water and sun to contend with on your new winter tattoo.  You can let it heal up in peace.

The busy season is right around the corner, so if you are wanting to beat the rush come in now and get your winter tattoos.  Come in and get your tattoo for the holidays!

winter tattoos

Skull and roses leg sleeve

New Regulations

New regulation enforcement will begin this January.  So, be on the lookout for those things you may have missed.  You want to make sure you do not get caught off guard with a fine for not being in compliance.  Stanislaus County is expecting to hand out a lot fines this next year.  Do not get lulled into thinking that you will get in compliance after they come in and write you up.  The actual AB300MA regulations went into place January 1st of last year, but all studios were given until the 1st of July.  The county has not nailed anyone on compliance issues because they were allowing studios to get acquainted with all the regulations until the 1st of January 2013.  There were also regulations that were eliminated and some that were kept.  One of those regulations was the requirement of showing six months in a professional studio.

Don’t forget about the HIPPA requirements, Material Safety Data Sheets, or the IPCP Infection Prevention Control Plan.  All of those things will be checked coming in January 2013.  And finally we will find out how much the permits, license, and fines will be.

Get your winter tattoos now in case we do not make it past December 21st 2012! Ha ha ha…



Scott "Scotchie" Chapman

Artist and owner of Dos Changos Locos Tattoo

National Tattoo Association Member. We believe tattoos represent who we are! Come share your belief with us.

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